Long Memory: Weaver’s Circle #2

Who makes memory?
Beth Wilson has been caring for Nonie Bennetti for years. She can see the end looming, but she doesn’t expect it to arrive in the form of Nonie’s grandson.

James is visiting his grandmother to hide from the publicity of a massive real estate scandal he revealed. While he’s there, his mother decides it’s a good time to audit Beth’s handling of Nonie’s finances. James wants to audit something else about Beth, but his mother is relentless. He’s not hanging around anyway.
But Beth, and the small town his grandmother lives in, have a lot of appeal. Maybe it’s time to stop moving around and start making some memories.
Content Warning: Meddling mothers, medical emergencies, and Little League games


Once upon a time James would have just walked in, but that was fifteen years ago, before college and Georgia. He knocked.
A little blonde wearing glasses and a pink tank top opened the door, frowning. “Yes?”
James frowned back. “Who are you?”
“Excellent question, but shouldn’t I be asking it?” she said.
“Where is she?” James reached in the house to hold the door open. “Nonie!”
The blonde fell back a step, allowing him inside the house.
His grandmother sat with her back to the door watching a dog training show on television. Something was wrapped around the back of her head like a gag. “Nonie?”
She didn’t respond. She didn’t even move.
James rushed around the couch, his heart doing a tap dance on his rib cage. She had a bandage over her nose and hardcover books spread open over her wrists on the armrests. Glancing at the blonde, he checked for a weapon. She still stood by the open door watching him, the picture of innocence, but getting angry.
“Look, I don’t know what you want, but you’d better get out of here.” She held up a cell phone. “I have the sheriff’s department on speed dial.”


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