Prague: Arrival

Published January 2, 2014 by Christa Maurice

Our flight left at 2:15am so we were on the road at 9:30pm to get to the airport with plenty of time to get lost because I’ve never gone to the airport in Abu Dhabi and not gotten lost, GPS or not. There was a very crabby couple with two kids in line ahead of us. They had waited in line for forty-five minutes! What was going on? I’m not sure what they planned to do with their time. The kids were better behaved than their parents and the flight wasn’t leaving for two more hours. Shop duty free? The next hurdle was that they had seven bags. Four people. Two adults, two boys around ten/eleven years old. Going on vacation for a few days. Seven suitcases. Plus, it says very clearly on the ticket one piece of checked luggage per person. One per person times four people does not equal seven. The parents had fits claiming that it didn’t say anything on their ticket about luggage restrictions. When I got up to the desk, as I was the very next person after these nincompoops, I plopped my bag on the belt and said, one bag I can count! The lady at the counter laughed and changed our seats to a row with more legroom.

We arrived in Prague just before six local time and landed in fog. The immigration guy here was just as sour and silent as the guy in Dusseldorf. Maybe they are related. Luggage pick up was flawless and, since ours was the only flight arriving, so was finding our driver. We got to the hotel, checked in and went up to our room.

The time was 7:00. The day after Christmas. St. Stephen’s Day.

Yeah, not much going on. We decided to do an all inclusive tour (called The Prague All Inclusive Tour) but it didn’t pick us up until 9:15 so we set off down the road just to see what we could see. Would you laugh if I said we weren’t three blocks from the hotel when we started saying we could live here? Our hotel is on the edge of the touristy area so we were finding general life pretty quick. Banks, restaurants, churches, a theater (live), gorgeous architecture.

Tomorrow: the tour.


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