The Maldives

Published December 28, 2012 by Christa Maurice

I went to the Maldives over Eid at the end of October, but due to some technical glitches and plain old laziness I didn’t get anything posted until now. Here goes nothing.DSC02574

After a harrowing adventure in immigration at the airport where I watched a woman meltdown because she wasn’t getting special treatment and had to <gasp> wait with the rest of the rabble, I collected my bag and met with the folks from the resort. They grabbed our bags from us, loaded us onto a boat and we set off for the island. DSC02575View of Mali from the boat DSC02576Another view of the airport from the boat. DSC02578The bathroom. There were doors that opened to the sea. Unfortunately here were also kayakers who  liked to paddle right below that window. DSC02580The view below the toilet. DSC02581The room. That door to the left is the bathroom door and where I was standing when I took a picture of the windows over the bathtub. I have lived in apartments smaller than this. Less well appointed too. DSC02582The patio. The island in the distance is the staff island. Everyone on staff lives there. According to Maldives law they have to be given the same treatment as the guests. We were told they eat the same food as is available at the restaurants. I wonder if they had the same cinnamon soap. DSC02584 DSC02585Fish DSC02586The resort has a coral farm. They grow coral in a tank until it is large enough to implant on the reef. DSC02587I swear those shadowy shapes at the top of the image are rays. DSC02588Morning glories on the beach. DSC02589Fruit bat. DSC02590Same fruitbat. DSC02591Yes, the same fruit bat. DSC02592It was a very photogenic fruitbat, okay? DSC02594This is the chef’s garden. The herbs used in the restaurants on the island are grown here and the fruitbats like to hang out in the trees here. DSC02595Oh my God! Fruitbat and friend! DSC02596Every path on the island was white sand. Concrete underneath kept the paths firm while the trees overhead kept them shady. Of course, I didn’t duck into the shade soon enough. DSC02599Hamock over the water. Paraglider in the distance.DSC02600No fruitbats this time, just a pretty view. DSC02601There were cottages in the interior of the island. Believe it or not, they had their own pools. DSC02602Water. DSC02603An unsuccessful fruitbat picture. DSC02604Stork DSC02605The pylons that my cabin was sitting on. Laying in bed you could feel the tide moving. DSC02606Itty, bitty black and yellow striped fish. DSC02607More black and yellow striped fish.  DSC02610Itty, bitty blue fish swimming around the pylons. DSC02612Closer view of blue fish. DSC02616Even closer view of blue fish. DSC02619Crab that I put my finger on while walking down the stairs into the water. DSC02620Mass of fish around the pylons. DSC02623Shark. I swear its a black fin shark. They like to hunt at the edge of the light making them extremely difficult to photograph. DSC02627Water at night and a failed attempt to photograph a shark. DSC02638In my obsession to photograph sharks, I didn’t realize that I was standing right next to a stork who was also hunting at the edge of the light. The picture looks further away than it was. I was focused on the water when I noticed people at the table to my right pointing at something past me. When I looked to the left that stork was standing less than 3 feet away form me. DSC02640The burn. I told you I didn’t get into the shade fast enough. I was walking ankle deep in water and burned myself so badly that the muscles in my legs contracted. DSC02642Side view of the spectacular burn. DSC02643Night view of the staff island. DSC02649This fish had a horn. Hard to see, but I swear it had a horn on it’s forehead. DSC02650View of the beach. DSC02651It’s all in the details. DSC02652I think this one is called a pipefish. DSC02653The business class lounge at Male Airport. DSC02654It was a really nice lounge.


4 comments on “The Maldives

  • Ugh! That bathroom! I would have such a hard time using that once I’d seen kayakers going past…. Thanks for sharing the pictures, though! Vicarious living appears to be my thing lately.

    • Actually it was a great bathroom, I was just leery of taking a bath in that tub. The shower had frosted glass shoulder high so you could shower and look out at the water.

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