Malls! Malls! Malls!

Published January 1, 2012 by Christa Maurice

There were, within one block of my hotel, four malls. Pavillion Mall is very upscale. I was sort of surprised they didn’t do a credit check on you at the door. Stahill Gallery, attached to the hotel, was even more upscale though much smaller. Fahrenheit 88 and the one close to the train station that didn’t appear to have a name were just sort of standard, American style malls. If you were willing to walk a couple of blocks or ride the monorail one stop the Times Square Mall was a 10 story monstrosity with an amusement park though the top two floors were pretty much deserted. The roller coaster in the Times Square amusement park amazed me. A few blocks in the other direction were the Petronas Towers, which contained, surprise, a huge mall. Two actually, one at the base of each tower. All the malls were jammed to the hilt with shoppers and the halls were most certainly decked. You couldn’t get a table to eat between 11am and 3pm, or after 5:30. I’m not sure there was ever a table free in any of the food courts I saw.

So if anybody wondered if I was missing Christmas, I don’t think the Malaysians would have stood for it.

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