Impressions of Kuala Lumpur

Published December 30, 2011 by Christa Maurice

First impression of Malaysia? It’s hot. Remember that bit in Good Morning, Vietnam where Robin Williams does a run on how hot it is there? That hot. Bring two changes of clothes for every day hot. And the sticky. Can’t forget about the sticky. This was my view.

That haze is humidity. I had that view pretty much every morning. I loved it. It was like living in a sauna and after being in the desert with sinus problems for four months all I wanted to do was stand on a corner and breathe deep.

One day on the train, I was chatting with a woman who asked all the usual questions you ask a tourist including where I planned to go that day. I was headed to the Butterfly Park and planned to take in the Orchid Park and possibly the Deer Park if time allowed. But that’s a different story. She said it was a good idea to do the Butterfly Park early because it was going to rain that afternoon. “Oh,” said I. “Is that what the weather report said?” “No,” said she as if this were perfectly obvious. “It rains every afternoon.” Which might explain the rash I developed on my calves from wet denim.

Of course this doesn’t mean I could stay hydrated. Even the maids noticed. I started with the standard two bottles of water. The third day, I asked the turn down lady if I could have another bottle. The next morning, the maid left me three bottles of water and extra tea stuff. The fourth day, I was still thirsty, so I stopped at a convenience store and got a bottle of juice and a bottle of water. The next day when she made up my room, the maid left four bottles of water, four extra tea bags and two extra coffees with accompanying sugars and creams. I drank all the water and about half the tea. How dry I am, how dry I am. You’ll never know, how dry I am. Or was anyway.


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