Status Report

Published March 12, 2011 by Christa Maurice

The time has come (the time has actually passed) for the monthly status update. So on with the show.

Struck By Lightning sold to Lyrical. Tentative release date in November. Time to get on to the last book if in fact it ends up being the last book.)

Welsh Rogue awaiting crits so I can send it back to Carina in the hopes that they will publish it.

Finding Roanoak still in a slush pile at HQ Undone.

All Sci Fi stuff currently stalled as I don’t know where to sub it.

Melody Unchained in a slush pile at Samhain.

Third Weaver’s Circle still stalled.

Co-writing project proceeding at a nice clip. We’re about 25% of the way through.

Considering putting together a timeline for rock star books because with 6 finished titles and 5 more planned, it’s getting complicated. Still waiting on an editor for Satellite, but that’s mostly my fault as I haven’t emailed to bug yet.

I really need to write more.


8 comments on “Status Report

  • That’s great news about Lyrical. You sound like you’re writing up a storm. Have you tried Dancing Lemur Press for your sci-fi? A friend just published a sci-fi with them and is very happy.


    • I haven’t looked around too hard for a publisher for the sci fi. I ended up with four projects finished and needing subbed at the same time so I’ve been concentrating on them, but I’ll take a look into Dancing Lemur. Thanks!

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