Authors Behaving Badly: Social Media

Published February 26, 2011 by Christa Maurice

Dear Friend,

I am happy to see that you have a new release out. Really, I am. And I’m pleased that you supplied me with the link. Not so happy that you felt the need to remind me every hour on the hour for two days though. Please stop. I know, these posts disappear pretty quickly and you want to make sure everyone sees it, but really, too much is too much. What would work better for me is if you set up an event that would linger in the side bar until I either said I was attending or not. Don’t feel bad if I don’t respond or say no. It’s not a personal attack. More of a “I’m too busy” or a “not my cup of tea, but thanks and good luck.” And feel free to post mention of reviews or new news, but if you keep beating me with the fact that your book is out, I’m going to want to beat you. Especially if your hogging up my recent news bumps off a message from my nephew about giving the governor a tour of the robotics lab. Old news about your book, new news about my nephew, what do you think I’m going to be most interested in?

While I have you, can I have a chat with you about interaction? I notice that you post a lot of status updates, but never bother to comment on mine. See, it’s called SOCIAL media, not “I talk, you listen” media. I interpret “friend” as someone I want to interact with, not someone I plan to fawn at the feet of. If you constantly post updates without commenting on mine I lose interest in commenting on yours. And losing interest is the last thing you want. See, in the current market, your readers want to know you as a person and you are behaving like a commodity. I’m not asking for huge treatises on every little facet of my day, but the occasional Like or LOL, goes a long way.

One last thing. I’m aware you’ve started an author page. Good for you! I didn’t join it. Sorry. Another matter of not my cup of tea or possibly the way you’ve acted with a regular page has soured me on you. You know what’s not going to help? Scolding me for not joining or whining about how alone you are on your new page and how I’m going to miss out on all kinds of stuff if I don’t join because this page is going to disappear in X number of days. That might be why I’m not joining.

That’s really all I have for now. I hope you’ll consider what I said because if you keep beating me over the head with your releases while simultaneously ignoring me or scolding and whining at me for not being your friend somewhere else, I’m going to have to take you off my friends list and that makes me feel bad. And I don’t like to feel bad.

Charlotte McClain

Charlotte does have a new title out this month which she is not going to beat you over the head with. Secrets Everybody Knows is available from Lyrical Press now.


8 comments on “Authors Behaving Badly: Social Media

  • Hi Charlotte. Ooee, has someone been bothering you hon? Sorry. I’ve got nothing to sell, I popped by for other reasons.

    I’m just finishing up my Publication Party series so now I’ve a little time to get around and say hi personally to everyone in my 2 crusader groups. I’ve made a blogroll in my sidebar especially for my groups so I can see your latest posts and comment (which is the idea as we can’t keep up with 200+ crusaders!)

    Oh, and I also created a badge which is yours to copy and take in my latest post of welcome to romance crusaders. I’d be delighted to see it in each of our sidebars.


  • Hi, So sorry if you’re being bothered.
    I’m a fellow crusader group 20 member and here to say Hi!

    As Denise above said, she’s made an awesome badge for us. I’ve already linked it on my sidebar with my groups blogs linked!

    I’ve got a multi-published author talking about what a time suck social networking is!!??
    on my blog and I’ve also got a giveaway coming up.

  • Fellow crusader stopping by! I think this great! People do tend to beat some of us over the heads with their releases. I think this is a good post as a reminder authors need to be respectful and mindful of what they are doing.
    Have a terrific day!

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