Name that logo!

Published February 17, 2011 by Christa Maurice

Here’s a logo for a well known company in Arabic. Let’s see if you can guess what it is.

The first commenter to guess correctly wins the ebook title of their choice. Please only choose titles that have been published because if I have to remember to send you one at a later date, I’m going to forget.


28 comments on “Name that logo!

  • Hey there! So I’m a Crusader and speak a little Arabic (which is really bringing home the oddity of calling anything so cheerful and supportive a crusade) so is it cheating if I answer? If so, do get rid of this comment – I don’t mind.

    It’s Cinnabon.


    But now I need to ransack your blog for how you know Arabic!

    • It’s not cheating at all. You are the winner of whichever back list title you choose, so look them over and let me know and I’ll sent it out. I have very interesting reasons for having pictures of Arabic signs.

  • Ho ho, there’s a winner already. well done Francesca, learing Arabic paid off! Hello to Charlotte! You’re in one of my groups. Lovely to meet you. See you around the ridges.


  • YAY! *does happy belly-dance!*

    As for the e-book, what I’d love is if you picked your favorite and sent it to me! I’d love to read anything you’ve written – but have not yet dipped into your work so am a complete newby.

  • Hullo Crusader! I have no idea about the logo! Just popped in from Rachael’s list to say hello!By the way I subscribed to your blog and am commenting as ‘onceupona’ because that is my WordPress blog but I write at and that is how you’ll find me on Rachael’s list! Cheers! Danette

  • Great challenge! I have no idea how to read Arabic, but I wouldn’t miss a Cinnabon sign anywhere! The joys of marketing and finding a memorable design. Fellow Crusader here.

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