Welcome to Weaver’s Circle

Published February 9, 2011 by Christa Maurice

Weaver’s Circle is a little township in middle America with a diner, a library, a grocery store and two churches. Why does it have two churches? Because the little town I grew up in and based Weaver’s Circle on had two churches. I never attended either one though I did go to Girl Scouts in one of them. Not that Weaver’s Circle is a mirror of the town I grew up in. What fun would that be?

The town of Weaver’s Circle isn’t all nice neighbors competing for ribbons in the county fair either. First of all, they have a summer festival, thankyouverymuch. Pretty much the whole town participates and it’s what puts them on the map. They have a winter festival too, but that’s generally just to give the locals a reason to get together in the dead of winter. The summer festival is organized and run by three volunteers, Elaine Hammersmith, Lily Walker and Beth Wilson. All three teach at the local school. Elaine teaches high school English and everyone is pretty sure she’s a lesbian because no one has ever seen her with a man. She’s such a good girl. Always has been. Beth Wilson is one of the The Wilson’s, but she’s proving people can escape their bad families. (Unlike her cousin Jeff whose wife is still walking into doorknobs. Too bad she won’t let anybody do anything about it. You know Sheriff Daniel would love to catch him a dark alley in an unofficial capacity one night. If Weaver’s Circle had any dark alleys.) Lily just moved here five years ago and she seems nice enough, but nobody really knows her that well. George Kline is head over heels about her, too bad she doesn’t realize it and he’s too shy to say anything. They’re nice girls, those three.

And did you hear about Lucy Kelly? She was always a bit strange, but she’s done so well for herself writing those travel articles. Such a shame. Hope she’s alright. Where is Myanmar anyway? Don’t know why anybody would want to go that far from home in the first place. Hope Old Mrs. Benetti is alright too. She’s just about gone, isn’t she? Can’t remember her own face. Good for her that Beth was here to take care of her because you know her own daughter won’t come home and her grandson is mixed up in that real estate thing in Atlanta. Not really mixed up. He’s the one who turned the man in. He might not know how to take care of family, but at least he’s honest.

The first book in the Weaver’s Circle series, Secrets Everybody Knows, is available now from Lyrical Press.

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4 comments on “Welcome to Weaver’s Circle

  • It sounds like you have a lot of interesting characters in Secrets Everybody Knows. Unfortunately, after reading your book blurb I’m confused on what your book is about. What is the plot? Who is the main character? I’m sure you must have lots of ideas since this is the start of a series. I would love to know more about it.

    • This isn’t so much a book blurb as a chatty introduction to Weaver’s Circle. I’ve always loved small town series and wanted to do one of my own so most, if not all, the characters mentioned will end up with their own story. The main characters in Secrets are Elaine Hammersmith and Johnny McMannus. The next story, coming out in May, happens at the same time as Secrets, but involves Beth and an out of town visitor. I’ll have to go in and change the original post to make it clear who’s in deck first. Another example of being too close to the trees. Thanks for your interest.

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