Oh the Agony!

Published January 22, 2011 by Christa Maurice

Lately I’ve been struggling with my current WIP, the third Weaver’s Circle novella. Actually, I haven’t been struggling, I’ve been procrastinating which for me is a sure sign that there’s a problem.
In Secrets Everybody Knows, Sue’s father has a heart attack and her brother Johnny comes home to bail out the family business. Johnny thinks he needs to prove himself to be seen with the girl he loved and left town to protect years ago so he starts trying to make things right starting with his family. Sue, realizing what he’s doing, says that she wishes someone would change the world for her.
This story was meant to be someone changing the world for Sue, but the further I got into my brilliant idea, the more I realized I hadn’t left enough one on one time for Sue and her hero, but I couldn’t figure a way around it.
Well, I’ve figured a way around it and it means pretty much starting from scratch. Boo.
Still, Weaver’s Circle beckons and somebody has to change the world for Sue because every time I read that line it brought tears to my eyes.


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