Planning for 2011

Published January 1, 2011 by Christa Maurice

Since last year turned out far different than I imagined it would, so I’m not thinking that by laying out a plan now that at the end of 2011 I’ll look back and say, “everything went just the way I thought it would.” Please, I teach kindergarten, I am used to not getting what I thought I was going to. Regardless, that doesn’t mean planning is useless. Look back at what worked or didn’t work last year and plan to replicate, fix or avoid in the coming year. Easy enough (especially when sitting at a desk with the whole year ahead of me like a field of fresh snow. Oh wait, I’m in Abu Dhabi, we don’t have snow here. Bwahahahaha!)

I’m going to stick with the finish five titles, sub five titles, release five titles that has served me so well in the past. Didn’t always get done, but at this moment, I have one sub out, two titles ready to go and one more that just needs a final edit. Let Me Be the One is also ready to go but as the third Touchstone book, I’m waiting for an editor for Satellite and then I sub it to her or him. (I’m betting it’ll be a her, what do you think?) I’ve got the plans and the ideas, I just need to do the Butt In Chair part. No problem. I like my chair. (My office light I’m not too happy about, but I have plans for that as well.) I’m not going to pin myself to a list of what I plan to write this year because that never works out for me. Just knowing I want to finish five, sub five and release five is good enough. I’ve already got two scheduled and one that should come out this year though I don’t know when. That just leaves me with two more to get in there which means I need to get on those subs.

I also am not the greatest at promotions. This year, all year long, I’m running a monthly contest. I have pictures of chain restaurants in Arabic. Every month on the 17th (why the 17th? Because I said so, that’s why) I’m going to put up a picture of one and the first commenter to correctly guess what it is gets to choose a published ebook from my back list. It’s already set up so I don’t have to think about it other than to check the comments. I also plan to blog a little more (if not more regularly.)

On a personal side, I plan to pay more attention to what I’m eating, work out on my Wii regularly and get new pages put in my passport so I don’t run out of space before it expires.

As plans go, this isn’t the tightest, but it gives me the room and the direction I need when nothing works out like I think it will. After all, that is the only thing I can rely on.


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