Status Report

Published November 28, 2010 by Christa Maurice

Since moving to Abu Dhabi last August everything has sort of gone off the rails. As if relocating to another hemisphere wasn’t chaotic enough, I ended up spending months in hotels and then having to furnish an apartment. I got a little writing done in the interim, but nothing like I’m used to. However, now I have a desk, an internet connection and a set schedule all in the same place. While my first inclination is to jump right in and start working, I think I’ll be better off figuring out where I am. So here we go.

Struck By Lightening. The third firefighter novel for Lyrical is drafted, but needs editing and critiquing.

Roanoak. A historical novella needs critiqued.

Atomic Mass of the Heart. I’m afraid Atomic Mass, for all it’s joys, is not salable. It needs a crit before I throw it on the ash pile.

Melody Unchained. Needs critiqued. It turned out better than I thought it did.

Secrets Everybody Knows and Long Memory have both been contracted to Lyrical. Secrets is in the can and will be out in February. It does need a page on the ole faux website here though. I’m waiting on the proof for Memory. It’s not due out until May. It needs a page too.

The first Touchstone book (Satellite Of Love) is contracted with Freya’s Bower and waiting for an editor. The third book (Let Me Be the One) is finished and edited. A novella (Not Second Best which will be fifth in line) is finished and edited. I haven’t written the fourth book yet, but it’s all in my head ad so is the sixth novella. I really wish Freya’s Bower would assign me an editor already.

And speaking of needing an editor, I’ve written two novellas and am working on a third about another band in Touchstone’s circle of friends.

At the moment, I have nothing subbed, but I have three titles I could send out. I just need to do research of those.

Wow, when I was thinking about all this stuff it seemed like an insurmountable pile of big projects, but it’s really not so bad (except for that novella and that book I need to finish.

Off to work now.


One comment on “Status Report

  • Just getting around to reading this. Sounds like since you wrote it all down your in a better place. I know what order I would do them in but it’s your schedule. I’m so proud of you, you are able to keep your mind on your projects while still teaching. Not sure I could do this.

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