Martin Luther King, Jr

Published July 19, 2010 by Christa Maurice

No trip to Atlanta would be complete without a visit to Martin Luther King, Jr’s memorial  – um – section of town. It really is about three city blocks and very impressive. All beautifully kept up. This first image is the original Ebenezer Baptist Church where MLK preached.

The new Ebenezer Baptist Church is constructed directly across the street. It is still being used for services.

Getting a picture of the Eternal Flame when there wasn’t a crowd around it and the flames were good because there wasn’t wind was impossible so I settled for no crowd/no flame.

This is the fountain with the graves in the middle. I could not catch a moment when the sun was shining to take this picture when I was there, so I have overcast. When the sun is shining, it’s breathtaking.

These are the graves from sort of the front. Again, there was no way to get a shot when there weren’t people right there, which explains the total strangers on the right side of my picture.

You would think I was there on a weekend in the summer instead of a weekday in March. This is the house MLK grew up in with ten other people living there at the same time. It’s about two blocks from the church.

This is a must see area because it’s so impressive. They way it’s put together, you really do get a sense of history. Allow two hours at minimum and be prepared to walk because finding parking can be tricky.


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