Published July 12, 2010 by Christa Maurice

Last spring I went to Altanta to interview for a job teaching English in Abu Dhabi. I have finally gotten it together to post the pics.

This is me sitting in front of the CNN sign. Yes, I am wearing a leopard print, fake fur coat. I wore it to the interview too. My interview was at a hotel around the block from CNN and my friend’s husband works there so we went to CNN after to get my mind off of waiting.

This is me standing in the CNN atrium in my interview outfit.

This is the front end of Where I was standing, Sanjay Gupta’s office was immediately to my left. I got to meet him while I was there. Unfortunately, my brain was consumed with “did I get my dream job?”

Same perspective, straight ahead.

This is the studio where they could do live streaming, but my friend’s husband said they don’t do that much any more.

And this is the length of the room from tne back all the way to the windows. I was standing on a balcony above what they refer to as the Bat Cave where there are yet more desks.

We weren’t allowed to take pictures during the tour of CNN so I have no photos of there. The tour was very interesting though and if you get a chance to do it, don’t pass it up.


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