Status Report for February

Published February 7, 2010 by Christa Maurice

Stuff is starting to build up so I need to think my way through it. So here goes.

Still waiting on manuscript I sent to Carina Press. Freya’s Bower requested the full of Satellite Of Love. Liquid Silver sent a revise and resubmit for Master Gardner. That’s going to have to wait because my life gives new meaning to swamped right now.

I got the edits for the short I have with Wild Rose and am nearly done with them. There’s one big ugly patch that’s going to take all my concentration to sort out and then I can send it off.

In the meantime, I stumbled across a job posting for ESL teachers in Abu Dhabi and appiled. I’ve made it through the first round of interviews and now have to go to Atlanta for an in-person interview. Talk about your dream jobs. So there’s a ton of homework I need to do for that.

Speaking of homework. I’m keeping up nicely in my classes, but it hasn’t gotten ugly yet. I absolutely must finish my classes on time so that I can get my teaching license renewed so I can go to Abu Dhabi (if I get the job.) Here’s hoping I don’t have to appeal for mercy from my profs, but chances are my ESL prof would give in because of the location of the job. She wants to go there.

Then yesterday I got an email from my publisher asking if I would like to put Spark Of Desire into print. Oh, heck yeah! Bring it on! So suddenly there a new project dropped in my lap.

The novella I was working in is nearly finished, but has had to slip to the back burner because I’m just too busy to work on it. Unfortunately, I came up with another story in that world which should also be a novella, pushing back all the other stuff I need to get to.

As long as I keep making headway, it counts.


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