I could watch him paint a bathroom.

Published November 14, 2009 by Christa Maurice

For some reason, this has become my phrase for any man I would be willing to watch do anything. I’m not sure why. I developed sometime in the last two years. Mostly it applied to actors, but then it spread in meaning to any man I think of as fascinating. And it really is a lot more than me wanting to watch a good-looking man painting a small room, preferably shirtless. Watching the play of his muscles as he moves around in that small space and the focus of his concentration as he works around all the many, many details of a bathroom. Reaching for those difficult corners over the tub. Getting all sweaty…

Oh sorry. There’s more than that. Really. Painting a bathroom requires a lot of planning, patience and focus. More guests are going to see your bathroom than are going to see your kitchen and you are going to be seeing it frequently. Since it’s a small room, there’s a whole different set of rules and for a bed room or living room. You can paint a bed room dark, dramatic colors but if you do that in a bathroom, let’s just say that I’ve been in bathrooms that felt like caves and induced panic attacks. When I say I’d like to see a man paint a bathroom, I want to see what colors he’d choose.

I’d also like to see his attention to details. Seriously. Look around a bathroom sometime. It’s nothing but detail work. Most of the rooms in a house you’ve got some trim at the ceiling, the floor and around the windows. In the bathroom, you’ve got all that plus plumbing to work around. Details. How can you not love a man who pays attention to details?

And the laser beam focus needed to get those details right? Sexy. Tres, tres sexy.

Plus, you’ve got a hot, sweaty man working in a tiny little room.

Who would you like to see paint a bathroom?


8 comments on “I could watch him paint a bathroom.

  • Love to watch my husband paint. As you say, he’s a planner and so meticulous about painting, so I get to watch him be all brainy and brawny at the same time…

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