Gym teacher? Me?

Published October 24, 2009 by Christa Maurice

So today I was a gym teacher. The phone rang at 7:40 this morning. It was a sub assignment, but all they told me was Itinerant Gym Teacher, middle school. Either I felt brave or I hadn’t completely woken up yet, but I took the assignment. Then I called to find out where I would be teaching. And then I called to tell the school there was no way I was going to make it there by 7:50.

MIddle schoolers have a certain charm. They are definitely a beast of their own. Since I was a sub, they had to test me. That never goes far. The tricky thing about that age is, they won’t back down when you’re in their face. You have to offer them the options and walk away. They have to sass a bit, but in general, they give in. The alternative is much more embarrassing because I don’t lose.

The other great thing about middle schoolers is that they haven’t heard all the shtick yet. Manipulating them doesn’t take much. I had a pair of kids, boy and girl, pestering each other. After repeated warnings to cut it out, I very tactfully (and loudly) said, “Ain’t love grand?” The kids who heard me laughed and took up the cause (as planned.) Didn’t have any more trouble with those two.

However it was a very full day. I took a bunch of work with me and didn’t have the energy to do anything more than read the rock bio I had with me. Now I’m sitting here watching Jericho. Not a stitch of the work I wanted to get done even started.

Tomorrow is another day. More important, tomorrow is a Saturday.


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