Published August 13, 2009 by Christa Maurice

I finished Satellite of Love last night. Whew. Yesterday was a big day for word count because the whole story just snapped together and all I really had to do was hang on for dear life. I did over 5K over the course of the day though not much else got accomplished.

Unfortunately, I am left the with sinking suspicion that the end is out of order. That the big final conflict is in the wrong place. I’m pretty sure I can just move things around and alter the details, but I’m going to head into another project because it’s been whispering at the back of my mind for weeks and really wants to be written.

Any moment now I expect the first round of edits (you know, the soul crushing round) for Trio to arrive. Unlike Rock Star, I didn’t write that one entirely for my own entertainment and decide to try and get it published later so one hopes I went off on few tangents that will have to be fixed.



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