Soul Crushing Edits

Published June 7, 2009 by Christa Maurice

About a week ago I got the second round of edits for The Rock Star’s Retreat so I’ve been spending a lot of time banging my head against the desk and cringing. I probably should refer to them as the first round because I have a new editor and she’s got a different focus than the first editor. Maybe that’s why this has been so discouraging. First round is usually the “I’m a big dork and I can’t believe I missed that” round and the second round is more polish. Doing the first round twice makes it more of a “I’m a dork of absolutely unbelievable proportion and I cannot believe I have missed that – how many times now? Oh brother.”

Don’t get me wrong. I know it’s going to be a much better book when Helen is done with me.  In fact, I’m going to be a much better writer. Every new editor gives me something else to add to my personal bug list. This time, it’s commas. I have a phobia about commas that developed in college and has never left me. I avoid using them at all costs, including times when they were needed. I think 75% of the track changes I had to accept were commas.

Today I have to launch into the really hard part. Making fundamental changes to the text. My favorite scene needs to be trimmed down because the focus is off the relationship. It’s funny, but it has nothing to do with the story. There’s going to be a writer’s cut of this baby.

Okay, once more into the breech!


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