Charlotte ‘Belle’ McClain

Published October 30, 2008 by Christa Maurice

Charlotte McClain has wanted to be a writer since the second time she finished readingThe Hobbit. She read it twice in two months, so it was rather a snap decision. Since her motto is: What’s that over there?, she experimented a lot. Dabbling in every genre she could find, she has written dozens of short stories, most of a fantasy trilogy, and a growing number of romance novels in any sub-genre that strikes her fancy. If you don’t see something you like, be patient. She’ll probably get there. Heck, in this past year, she’s lived on three different continents so genre hopping is nothin’!

The following pages represent work that is published or about to be. Look around, see what interests you, check back often for the all important “buy” button to appear.


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